Guiding principles

DIAGONAL is a company which is active within the market and which works with creative ideas and concepts. In addition it has the following aims:

  • to secure a long term existence for customers and employees through structures which are easy to understand and profit-orientated work
  • to raise ourselves above our competitors and to benchmark this through our customer orientated services
  • to remain a valued and preferred partner through continually fulfilling our customers’ demands
  • to earn and maintain a high level of customer satisfaction through expert knowledge (expertise)
  • to maintain and expand a secure position within the market through the continual analysis of our daily activities
  • to secure and create new employment by achieving our income and turnover goals
  • to create a culture of leadership which, in addition to an open understanding of being together, offers each person the opportunity for professional development and the knowledge that their achievements are justly valued

We are DIAGONAL, and that means all of us.